Veggie wrap round up , when you’re looking for that crunch !

Veggie wrap round up ! My top 12 favourites !

Gives crunch to a meal & is very satisfying to eat. Without further ado …. here they are ! Link under each pic. Please note any comments to make them intensive suitable too. 

1.  Cucumber Spring Rolls from Only Gluten Free Recipes minus the maple syrup & sesame seeds in the dressing

2. Nori Wraps from This Rawsome Vegan Life , nori only, no rice paper. Minus dates & tahini in the dressing & avocado from the wraps.

3. Collard wraps with raw mushroom pate from Raw Guru. Perfect for VLCD. Collard is hard to come by, so substitute silverbeet, spinach, savoy cabbage, bok choy or Gai Lan.

4. Dim Sims

5. Mushroom San Choi Bau

6. Harissa portobello mushroom tacos from Healthy Nibbles and Bits , substitute the guacamole for this OptiCook Coriander & lime cream

7.  Cauliflower wraps one of the most popular recipes on the blog. A little fiddly but so worth it ! 

8. Vegetarian lettuce wraps from Well Plated. Minus the tofu & water chestnuts . You can use any mushrooms you have , a mixed pack of different ones including the chunky portabello would be great.

9. Cauliflower rice sushi

10. Antipasti pinwheels

11. Vegan Asian lettuce wraps from Wholesome Pattiserie. Minus the sesame seeds.

12. Ottoman cabbage Rolls


I hope you get some inspiration from these wonderful recipes ,

Joni xx


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